The first 8 steps to success with CBD BioCare

Thank you for registering to become an affiliate with CBD BioCare. This is such an exciting time to be part of the cannabis industry. Below are the steps to get started with our company.

Step #1: Communication

The fist step is to make sure that you receive all email communications. The email servers that may cause issues are AOL, Hotmail and Yahoo. If you have one of these servers you may want to Google how to white list our email to ensure receipt. (

Another suggestions is to add to your address book

Note: This subscription is for affiliates only and will not be sold or used for any solicitation. It is exclusively for our communication.

Step #2 Verification

Please verify your username and password and ensure you have access to your affiliate dashboard. You can login to your dashboard by clicking the login button on the top right hand side of the website. Your dashboard will allow you to see visitor’s, sales and commissions via your CBD BioCare URL. Your “sales” can be seen under the referral tab. When a customer buys you will be notified via email and you will be able to see your commission.

If you build a sales team, you will also be able to see anyone who registers as an affiliate through your link on your dashboard.

Step 3: Discounts

You need to experience the products yourself so you can be knowledgeable about them. It’s much easier to sell products you love and use and we make it affordable. Affiliates can earn a 20% discount to buy their own products. All you have to do is enter the coupon code affiliate20 at checkout. This coupon will not be eligible for sales or discounts and it is not available for bundling.

Step #4: Product Expert

Our website is a great place to start, you can gain access to our Affiliate Resource Center on our website by entering cbdsales as the password. You need to become familiar with it, but you will not learn all you need to know about CBD on our site because we are forbidden to make claims and sell products on the same site. But it is important that you know about our company. Research and learn more about full spectrum CBD extracted from industrial hemp.

In addition to experiencing the products, it’s important to educate yourself about the unique platform that we offer. Have you read all about our affiliate program? What we offer? How much you can make? If not click here to watch the video about our two tiered commission structure.

Step #5: Engage

We also ask that you engage with us on social media. By sharing posts, we can help increase exposure. We are the most active on Facebook but we are branching out to the others as well. In addition please go to our website and Facebook page and write a review or leave a comment.

Step #6: Marketing:

As an affiliate of CBD BioCare, we want you to have the tools for success. We have created marketing documents for you to print. These documents will be continually updated. You can also go into the CBD BioCare Affiliate Resource Center for further support. The password is cbdsales.

CBD BioCare Product Sheets


Step #7: Sell

Now that you have completed all steps you are ready to begin. We suggest speaking to people you already know. This warm market will produce your first customers. Ask them to also engage, like pages, share pages, sign up for auto ship, etc. The other thing that is crucial, especially to our business is testimonials. The more people that go on social media platforms and our website and rave about their experience the better. We are a company dependent on word of mouth to accomplish our mission of spreading the word about CBD.

Retail: If you decide you would like to sell to a retailer or any type of business you will make a 10% commission each time they order and pay wholesale. This volume will also count as your volume and will drive up your commission percentage rate. In order for them to buy wholesale you must contact us and we will provide them with a coupon code based on the amount of product they order.



Step #8: Support

Let’s stay in touch. If we can help you then let us know. You are our front-line and we need to hear from you on a regular basis so we can be responsive when it comes to the tools you need for success. You are on the ground floor of an amazing marketplace and we are stronger together. So please keep in touch through our Facebook Affiliate page. This is also a great platform for you to reach out to other affiliates.

Sales Training:

Each Monday morning at 9am EST we go live within our Affiliate Facebook page with weekly updates and live training. In addition, we offer training videos and support. To access training and support on the website check out our affiliate resource center. The pass code is cbdsales. For daily support join and engage with our private affiliate Facebook page

Thank you again for joining our CBD BioCare team. We believe this is an amazing time for this business and we want to build and grow with people who share our passion and our vision. At the heart of every decision is our mission statement.

At CBD BioCare we are passionate about spreading the word about full spectrum CBD so more people will benefit from this amazing, natural extract. We are equally committed to helping people become self employed by offering our CBD products.




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