Affiliate Conference Calls

Each Monday at 9am EDT we have a conference call for all active affiliates. The first 30 minutes of this call is a training call. During this call we will discuss sales and often we will have Affiliates as guest speakers. In addition, the second 30 minutes of this call is for those affiliates who manage sales teams. If you have a topic or questions you would like covered please email us. As always, thank you for your dedication to tell more people about this amazing extract.

Sales Training Covered Topics:

  • Affiliate Resources
  • Importance of 8 steps
  • Sharing your product experience
  • Taking Action

Sales Training Call #1 10-2-17

Sales Training Covered Topics:

  • Monday Excitement!
  • Activity Breeds Activity
  • Review of 8 Steps


Sales Training Call #2 10-8-17

Sales Training Covered Topics:

  • Activity Breeds Activity
  • Announcing new product launches
  • Creating a culture of sharing and learning from eachother
  • Affiliate Noelle shares her testimony and success with CBD BioCare
  • Affiliate Angela shares her story of success with retail businesses

Sales Training Call #3 10-16-17

Sales Training Covered Topics:

  • New products launching
  • New $199 Affiliate option
  • New Commission Video (201)
  • Guest Speaker Dr. Kym Caporale
  • Guest Affiliate Mike Colston
  • Identify your WHY

Sales Training Call #4 10-23-17

Sales Training Covered Topics:

  • New product launch / Pet Products etc
  • Price changes
  • New product pictures on the way
  • Meeting update for 11-2
  • Guest:Noelle shares her success of hitting over 10k first month

Sales Training Call #5 10-30-17

Sales Training Covered Topics:

  • Our awesome culture.
  • Help is on the way.
  • Change in commission structure.
  • New commission video out today.

Sales Training Call #6 11-06-17

Sales Training Covered Topics:

  • New products
  • Become your own CBD CEO
  • Lead by Example
  • Be informed
  • Singing up a retail account

Sales Training Call #7 11-13-17

Sales Training Covered Topics:

  • New products launching
  • Being thankful for our affiliates
  • Guest Affiliate Speaker: Mariel Ruiz
  • Guest Affiliate Speaker: Christina Stoneburner

Sales Training Call #8 11-20-17

Sales Training Covered Topics:

  • Record sales day/ Black Friday
  • CBD Legality
  • Landing page changes
  • be original with creativity

Sales Training Call #9 11-27-17 / Call starts at 1:10

Sales Training Covered Topics:

  • Holiday sale underway!
  • Holiday shipping
  • Auto responders
  • Dashboard improvements
  • Commission info
  • New staff

Sales Training Call #10 12-11-17

Sales Training Covered Topics:

  • Auto responders
  • Affiliate communication
  • New marketing platforms
  • New restrictions using CBD logo

Sales Training Call #11 12-19-17

Sales Training Covered Topics:

  • New bundle and save discounts at checkout
  • Auto responders
  • Physician Network for customers and affiliates
  • Dr. Kym Caporale / Guest Speaker

Sales Training Call #12 1-8-18

Sales Training Covered Topics:

  • New Products
  • No more CBD5 coupon code
  • Affiliate option #1 no longer has a 5% discount code
  • Protecting the culture of the CBD BioCare Affiliate Facebook Page
  • New affiliate and Rock Star, Lesley Rubinoff shares tips to her success
  • New 1oz pain balm formula

Sales Training Call #12 1-15-18
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