What's The Difference Between CBD Oil, Hemp Oil, and Marijuana Oil?

Clarifying the confusion and differences between different names for CDB oil.

What is the difference between CBD oil, hemp oil and marijuana oil?

There are many terms to refer to oils derived from the Cannabis Sativa plant. To most people, marijuana, cannabis and hemp are the same thing. In simple terms, yes they may be the same but scientifically they are different.

At CBD BioCare we believe before you can buy our products with confidence you must understand what you are buying and why.

There are many different strains of Cannabis Sativa being cultivated and the primary difference is the varying levels of THC and CBD.

There are more than 80 cannabinoids in the Cannabis Sativa plant but THC and CBD are the dominant.

THC is what gets users high, CBD on the other hand does not have any psychoactive properties and only provides benefits with no known side effects. CBD rich plants with low levels of THC are hemp and legal in all 50 states. Marijuana plants are normally those with high levels of THC and are illegal in most states, or only available to those approved for medical use.

What's the difference between CBD oil, Hemp Oil, and Cannabis Oil?

There are many different names on the market for cannabis oils including:

• Hemp oil
• Marijuana oil
• THC oil
• Cannabis oil
• CBD Oil

Hemp Oil

Hemp oil, can be any oil derived from hemp. Hemp is the cannabis plant with low levels of THC and high levels of CBD. You must read the label. Some hemp oil includes oil extracted from the whole plant or the stalk of the plant. It can also mean hemp seed oil which is pressed from the Cannabis Sativa seeds and does not contain any active cannabinoids which includes CBD. There may be trace amounts from plant residue but CBD is not a product of the seeds. Be aware that there are manufacturers claiming CBD is in their hemp seed oil, which cannot be true if it is derived only from the seeds.

It can be confusing because the federal government introduced the 2014 Farm Bill with a provision that now also includes high CBD cannabis strains with less than .3% THC in their flowering tops to be referred to as hemp. As a result, research can now be done without the plants being treated federally as “marijuana.” This provision also allows “industrial hemp”, the high CBD strains under .03% THC, to be grown for the purpose of producing and selling CBD extracts. That being said, you must clarify if the hemp oil you are purchasing comes from the seeds or the plant.

Our Medicinal CBD Oil

To receive the medicinal benefits of the cannabis plant, you must extract oil from the whole plant so that the oil contains all of the cannabinoids. When you have all of the cannabinoids together, this creates what is called the entourage effect and it is called full spectrum CBD oil. We take the hemp cannabis plant, which again is called hemp because it is high in CBD and low in THC and extract this rich oil to be infused in our products. The oil must contain less than .3% THC to be considered legal in all 50 states. We take this a step further and extract the THC so that it is untraceable. The oil we use in all of our products comes from a proprietary medicinal cannabis strain. It is a hybrid strain that comes from naturally high CBD strains as well as well-known AC/DC and Charlotte’s Web x, all of which are known for their medicinal value. The cross-breeding of these plants was to create a THC strain, less than .3%, so it could be classified as “industrial hemp”.

Industrial Hemp

True industrial hemp is genetically inferior to medicinal hemp, yet it is defined the same way by the regulatory agencies. Many brands, companies and even legal counsel who still believe that hemp-derived CBD must come from overseas to be “fully legal” are not taking into consideration the 2014 US Farm Bill section 7606 which created for the first time since 1937, a Federally legal pathway to growing “industrial hemp” once again on American soil.

Our CBD supplier conforms entirely to section 7606 of the 2014 Farm Bill and its “medicinal hemp” strain is registered with the Colorado State Department of Agriculture as “industrial hemp”. Our supplier is the largest, fully regulated source, of medicinal hemp in the country.

Industrial hemp oil from overseas

As demand for CBD continues to grow, so too will the synthetic forms of CBD crystalline isolate coming out of China and Eastern Europe. Wholesale CBD buyers need to be cautious when purchasing CBD from overseas, as much of it contains heavy metals, toxins, and/or mysterious chemicals. True quality control can only be guaranteed if all aspects of the supply chain and manufacturing is vertically-integrated, as it is with our supplier.

Marijuana oil – THC Oil and Cannabis oil

These names refer to oils that are extracted from the marijuana plant that has high levels of THC, making it illegal in most states. It will also contain CBD and other cannabinoids.

What makes CBD BioCare’s CBD Oil a better choice?

Our CBD oil is unique because the whole plant is used to extract the oil, including the flowers, making it more effective as opposed to isolating one particular part of the plant. Other CBD oils often extract from the stalk, but because our medicinal hemp strain has low THC we are able to reap the natural oils from the whole plant.In order to produce the oil used in all of our products with zero THC, the trace amounts of THC remaining in the plants oil is extracted through a gas chromatography method, leaving intact the other synergistic components of the oil.

How do we remove the THC from our cannabis?

Once oil from the whole plant is extracted, the small traces of THC in the oil are isolated and removed without harming the other very important cannabinoids and terpenes that naturally occur in our cannabis strain. From this pure and potent extract, we then infuse our skincare and other products.

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