CBD and Hot Flashes

CBD and Hot Flashes

CBD and Hot Flashes

We are receiving reports from middle aged women using our CBD oil who are reporting that CBD is helping with their hot flashes. Okay I am very familiar with this topic because, let's just say I can relate. When these women shared their stories with me I thought, why not? CBD seems to be used for so many other conditions, why not menopause? I heard one doctor state that when he has tried everything and nothing seems to work he tells his patients about CBD oil and low and behold many are finding success in one way or another. Makes you wonder why many physicians don't turn to CBD first?

What is a hot flash?

I can tell you that it's awful! A hot flash is a temporary burst of heat that makes you feel like you want to hurt someone in that moment. To protect those I love, I state that I am having a moment and I walk away to protect them. Thank you God that it doesn't last long or I think I would truly go insane. So you can imagine how happy I was to hear from women using our oil that CBD works for hot flashes. Then I reflected on my own experiences. I take CBD three to four times a week in the evening to help me have a more restful night of sleep. I also take it for overall well being. Is it a coincidence that I too have had fewer hot flashes? I think not!

Although my experience, as well as the experiences of the ladies using our products is far from scientific and could not be classified as a clinical trial, I think there is something to it. I also do not think it is the placebo effect, which is the belief that a treatment worked without any scientific backing. No, in all cases these women were taking oil for completely different reasons such as pain, stress, etc. They all just happen to realize that not only was CBD helping them in those areas but that CBD works for hot flashes too!

What doctor's say about hot flashes

A hot flash, according to doctors is the most common symptom of menopause and more than two thirds of women experience them. For those of you who have not experienced them, stop what you are doing right now and thank God! It is a quick feeling of heat that is normally felt in the upper body and very commonly in the face. It can cause redness and sweating. Think internal microwave. Some also experience a rapid heart rate or chills. Experts are not really sure why women get them but they believe it may have something to do with a change in circulation. Hot flashes happen when the blood vessels near the skins surface dilate to cool the women's body. When they happen at night they are often called night sweats and it makes it more difficult to sleep. Some women only experience these hot flashes for a period of time while their bodies go through "the change." Others will experience these hot flashes more infrequently over time and others have them for the rest of their lives. Yes, time to have a moment of silence for these poor souls.

How does cannabis help menopause?

Hot flashes are again the most common complaint associated with menopause but there is a lot more going on behind the scenes. A women's hormones are decreasing, which can cause a number of side effects including bone loss. For these reasons doctors are quick to prescribe hormone replacement therapy, (HRT). But many women are not candidates because it increases their risk of heart attacks, heart disease, blood clots, gallstones, breast cancer and even Alzheimer's disease.

A decrease in bone loss is one of the main reasons physicians prescribe primarily estrogen replacement therapy. But here is the good news, our all natural friend CBD has proven to be an alternative for stopping bone loss. It has actually also proven to help with bone regrowth, but we'll save that topic for another day. Some researchers are claiming that it might even be able to prevent osteoporosis after menopause. if you believe hormone replacement drugs are good for you then you may also want to take CBD to possibly reduce your risk of breast cancer associated with it. CBD has been shown to kill breast cancer cells while avoiding healthy cells in the body. Cannabis does boost serotonin which can lower body temperature and this may be why CBD works for hot flashes.

Women who can not or choose not to take hormone replacement medication are often prescribed non hormonal prescription drugs such as Prozac, Effexor and Gabapentin. CBD according to at least one source can possibly be used to replace these drugs. Here' s more good news. CBD has no side effects and has no drug interactions and you can not overdose on it.

CBD Collagen and retinol creamCBD infused anti-aging skincare for menopause

In addition to using CBD oil for dealing with hot flashes there are also other side effects to menopause including changes in our skin. CBD topicals are designed to reduce dryness, reduce wrinkles, reduce pore size and promote oil production in the skin. We offer a line called CBD BioSkinCare and it's sole purpose it to make your skin feel and look fantastic. We fell in love with this skincare because it is packed with all of the proven anti-aging powerhouse ingredients such as Retinol, Collagen, Vitamin C and Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide 7. But in addition to that our anti-aging skincare is infused with 6mg of CBD. CBD is a natural anti-inflammatory and antioxidant and it is a wonderful natural moisturizer making it a winner for skincare. The most popular seller is the CBD Collagen and Retinol product, followed by Apple Stem Cell and our CBD Under Eye Cream. 

In conclusion, the evidence is stacking up and furthering our mission to spread the good news offered by this amazing plant. We believe that CBD works for hot flashes and so many other conditions. We are not doctors, we are not scientists, but we are informed about this amazing plant called Cannabis Sativa and we are dedicated to furthering our mission of educating people through science based research, expert opinions of physicians and personal testimonies.

August 1, 2018