CBD buyer beware

CBD Buyer Beware because not all CBD is Equal

As one of the founders of CBD BioCare, I am immersed in speaking about the benefits of full spectrum CBD daily. When we started building this company we quickly realized what a crazy environment it was. It is not easy being out in front!! But now, after working with people all over the world who are searching for answers and solutions, I have realized that it’s a real jungle out there. It is important for the CBD buyer to beware because not all CBD is equal. There is confusing, conflicting, sometimes unbelievable information online. We are working everyday to immerse ourselves into the market to bring accurate, verifiable information to people. The opportunity to educate is endless. This market is just starting and no one knows the length and breadth of its trajectory. We know that our products are changing lives. We get the blessing of hearing the stories everyday!

CBD Buying Tips

I do have some basic CBD buying tips that I want to share to try and help people navigate this crazy landscape of cannabis, specifically with how it pertains to one of its cannabinoids, CBD. You would not believe the things that I have seen companies doing in this business. It does not surprise me due to the overwhelming market explosion and the opportunities that come along with it. It simply brings out the bottom feeders. Those that care nothing about their patients/customers and are in this business to make the most of a quick buck. It costs a lot to do the right thing in any business. Value is related to quality of product and operation at a fair price; cheap is a function of cutting the dollar. We are and have been focused on quality of product first and foremost and quality of process for our customers and affiliates. So here are some things to watch out for. Some “red flags”.

Things to look for when selecting a CBD product provider:

No Merchant Account

Do not use a company that does not have a merchant account. Meaning, stay away from companies that cannot run your credit card. There are great protections the consumer enjoys when purchasing through their credit card. Do not do business from anyone that would deny you those protections. Furthermore, you should be able to conduct your transaction with a credit card online through a secure gateway. If you are suggested to conduct your transaction by any other means, I would question it. There is nothing wrong with PayPal as a payment option, but you should question the company if it is the only option. The reality is that accepting credit cards does not make a company trustworthy but it does indicate that at least one bank feels that the company is legitimate enough to offer the credit needed to obtain a merchant account. If a company is legitimate, they will be able to offer you the ability to purchase with your credit card. There is no reason to compromise security in your quest for relief.

Question the product

I have seen some crazy things in chat rooms and online. Please do not purchase any products made on an individual’s stove in the kitchen. All CBD is definitely not equal. I know that there is a ton of information out there that is enough to frustrate anyone, so I will keep it simple. Full Spectrum – Organically grown – Non-GMO- 3rd Party Tested – FDA Registered manufacturing facility. These traits are all necessary to get the full results that are available from CBD. It would certainly be a lot cheaper to buy a 50 gallon drum off a ship at the harbor in California. That is what many people are doing. We have seen product being sold in the marketplace and no one in America knows what is in it. Crazy!!  Although we may be few, there are companies like mine, that have gone about it the “right” way. You just need to know what to look for. There is no reason to compromise product safety standards in your quest for relief.

Watch for gimmicks

Some examples I have seen are automatic enrollment into a recurring order program. Listen, auto shipping a product that you love and don’t want to run out of is great. We offer that. But, if you are baited and switched into it….RUN. I have also seen programs that require you join and become a member. This is done to establish a recurring payment from you to them. They typically over promise and under perform to their claim. It is nothing more than an alternate revenue stream and something I would stay away from. You cannot convince me that the wellness of the patient is paramount in these types of programs.

Try it for yourself

You will hear testimonies from people that have used some form of oil and indicate that they did not get any results. There are a number of reasons that someone would not glean results from CBD. Firstly, roughly 10% of people will not get much from CBD. Simply put, we can expect that 1 in 10 will not get favorable results. The reason, however that most do not experience results is the product they are using. The source and quality of the product are paramount when achieving results. Do not take anyone’s word for what CBD can do for you. Try it!!! As long as you source a reputable product you cannot get hurt.

My hope is that some of the tips will help guide you in your search for relief. I will continue to post letters like this to disclose what we are finding in the marketplace. We wish you all the best of luck in finding your solution. We are passionate about getting the word helping you learn more about his amazing plant!


Matthew Pitts

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