Did you know that CBD may also be good for our pets?

It’s true, pets can take CBD just like us humans. in fact, any animal with a backbone has an endocannabinoid system. So this includes all of our furry and scaly reptile friends. This means, just like in humans cannabinoids like CBD are synergistic with their systems.

When it comes to CBD, or medicinal marijuana there is not a ton of research with humans or pets. However, that being said many of the tests that do exist have been with animals such as mice and rats. If you apply what researchers and doctors do know then it is logical to believe that CBD may help our pets too because of their endocannabinoid system. Here’s the good news, CBD is perfectly safe and you can not overdose and there are no adverse side effects. In fact, there are no interactions with medications either. Many pet owners, who have pets suffering from inflammation, stress and/or anxiety and many other conditions may benefit from CBD and it may be a great alternative to other products on the market.

At CBD BioCare we hear from our human customer’s all the time about how they not only use the oil for themselves but for their pets with great success. This is why we decided to add CBD BioPet Care to our product line. We have seen simply amazing results for pets with tremors, seizures, anxiety and pain. We offer the same full spectrum products to our animal friends that we do our humans. Why? Because research suggests that when the cannabinoids work together you get better results.

When it comes to dosing, our experts suggest starting low and slow for humans and pets. Observe your pet and gradually increase the dose as needed to reach your goal. The best way to administer the CBD is by giving it to them orally, either place the drops in their mouth or have them lick it so it’s absorbed into their systems quickly and effectively.

You can also talk to your vet but be aware that CBD is still not commonplace and in my experience if a doctor is not familiar with something they usually advise against it. So on this one you may have to just try it. Good luck!

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