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In honor of Mother’s Day

I was thinking about my favorite plant extract, CBD. It is truly the mother of all cannabinoids. Just like many of the women and mom’s in our lives, this molecule works tirelessly, always giving 100% and often receives little recognition for its efforts. But of course that is okay because she doesn’t do it for the praise, but for the love of her children. The parallelism to CBD is this….CBD is amazing, and CBD’s medicinal properties are high when combined with its fellow cannabinoids, yet it is still unrecognized by many for all of its amazing, God given attributes.


So on this Mother’s Day, 2017 I want to recognize this plant extract for it’s power, effectiveness, simplicity and humbleness. When people take full spectrum CBD they experience results. We hear about people on a daily basis that are using CBD to combat all sorts of medical issues from stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, Parkinson’s and the list goes on and on. We offer CBD oil in three concentrations, 250mg, 500 mg and 750mg. Each dropper, also known as tincture, contains one dose. In the 250 mg bottle that is 10 mg of CBD per serving, 500 mg bottle offers 20 mg of CBD per serving and the 750mg bottle has 30mg CBD per serving. We encourage people to try it, you can increase or decrease the amount based on the results you are seeking. In addition, we offer anti-aging skincare products with 6mg of CBD and a pain balm with 50mg of CBD.

Yes, we are in the business of making a profit but that was not our motivation to join this industry. We have been exploring products and opportunities for years but none, until now matched our desire to help people. There are lots of amazing products on the market, but we wanted to be part of something greater. When you mention CBD to most people they are not sure what it is. That was me too last year. But once I researched it, I fell in love with what it was doing for people. It was truly saving and bettering lives. CBD is nothing new to other places around the world like Israel. It has been helping people there for years. We wanted to be part of a movement to help spread the word about how this little known extract could help people safely.

Drug Abuse is Epidemic

Drug abuse in our country is epidemic, so if there is a natural product that has no drug interactions, can not hurt you and could never cause you to overdose, isn’t it worth exploring? My prayer for this Sunday where we are honoring mother’s around the globe, that we also pay tribute to the mother of all cannabinoids, CBD. Just like the moms in our lives, it will change and better lives of the people it serves.

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