As you may know, CBD is not an approved product by the FDA.  This means we are not able to talk about CBD as a product that can heal or treat conditions. In fact, we cannot talk about any possible health benefits associated with CBD.

To remain compliant with the laws, CBD BioCare has a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to infractions of these guidelines. By choosing to disobey this policy will result in termination because your actions not only affect you but the entire company.

Here are the rules to stay compliant:


  • Do not share customer information. Please also avoid statements such as, “I have many clients using this product for MS and they love it.”


  • Never talk about anything related to health and CBD to customers, on your personal social media accounts, and in any public or private arena in which you are representing the company.
  • Do not discuss dosage. We have suggested serving size only.
  • Do not mention studies, research at all, or suggest your customers conduct their own research.

Example statements to avoid to remain compliant:

  • CBD will cure or treat your …..(disease or ailment).
  • Our product works for many conditions including …….(ailment or disease)”
  • CBD will help you stay healthy.
  • I can’t say CBD helps cure cancer but you should research it!



The FDA [and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC)] take unlicensed medical claims, health claims, and quasi-medical advice very seriously. So seriously, in fact, that giving out medical or health-related advice or telling people that a product can, say, “cure epilepsy” could result in prison time (to you and possibly others) and a fine (to you specifically, the company, and others). At the very least, heavy fines and suspension of business may be levied by the FDA or FTC at any time and without warning.

You absolutely cannot talk about the health or medical effects of CBD.

If a customer is asking if our products can help their ailment, here’s what you say: “I cannot give you medical advice, as I am not a doctor. But I suggest you conduct your own research and speak to your healthcare practitioner about your concerns.”

Here’s another thing you can say: “Our products are considered nutritional supplements. Everyone is different, and so we encourage you to try what you feel comfortable with and see how it works for you.”

  • Do not use the word “patient” – always refer to them as “customers.”
  • Do not give dosage information or guidance. We have suggested serving sizes, and products that have varying amounts of NEVER use the words “dose” or “dosage.” ALWAYS use “suggested serving size”.
  • Do not go into detail about physiology or biology or the endocannabinoid Encourage your customers to do their own research.


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