Sales Rep. Registration Package 1

Sales Rep. Registration Package 1

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Sales Rep. Registration Package 1

At CBD BioCare, one of our most important jobs is setting up our sales representatives for success. This is why we provide tools such as landing pages and discounted sales kits so the people selling our products and sharing their knowledge of CBD are better prepared.

Package 1 Includes:

  • Personalized Landing Page
  • Personalized 5% Customer Discount Code
  • Sales Dashboard

Personal Landing Page:

A landing page is a page on our website that has your picture and contact information and a shop page. It is your personal CBD BioCare store. It also thanks shoppers for visiting your store by offering a 5% discount code. 

Personalized 5% Customer Discount Code

This is a great benefit and a must have if you take your CBD BioCare business seriously because it does two things. It offers your customers a savings and it is another layer of protection in terms of tracking. 

Sales Dashboard

Our sales dashboard is very comprehensive and easy to use. This dashboard is available to everyone who registers as a sales representative because this is where you track, manage and receive tools to promote your business.

Please note:

Your landing page costs $49.99 per year. This package is non refundable. If a product listed as out of stock, we reserve the right to replace it with a product of equal or greater value.