10mg CBD Liquid Capsules
CBD Liquid Capsules By CBD BioCare - 10mg Full Spectrum CBD Capsules
CBD Liquid Capsules By CBD BioCare - 10mg Full Spectrum CBD Capsules
One capsule. CBD liquid capsules for sale online.

10mg CBD Liquid Capsules

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10mg Full Spectrum CBD Liquid Capsules

Try our full spectrum CBD liquid capsules, and you will never have to measure your serving size again. If you normally consume 20 mg per day then just take two capsules of the 10mg liquid capsules, and there is no second guessing.

We like to call our CBD, liquid gold because the value it provides, in our opinion, is invaluable. The CBD in our capsules is the same oil we use in our tinctures, it is just encapsulated within our vegetable capsule. The reason we chose to offer our CBD in this form is for the people who love the results of CBD but don't love the taste.

However, we also discovered that some people respond better to this delivery method so not only does it have no taste, it's easy to measure, but it also works better for some. In addition, some people report using the capsules for muscle pain for example, and then using the CBD oil for sleep.

We also offer 25mg capsules if you would prefer. They are easy to swallow, and both come in a 30-count bottle.


10mg Phytocannabinoids, Medium Chain Triglycerides, Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose, and Silicone Dioxide

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