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WELCOME to Renewed Wellness CBD!
How did this come full circle?
I guess I could say, well, I do Love my fulfilling career as a Principal Architectural Interior Designer for the last 25 years and I am a happy CEO of my very demanding growing design build corporation for the last 20 years….um yeah…sometimes it’s a unforgiving circle.
Agendas, I meet, I listen, I create, I design and manage projects from refurbishment of business and private jets in my early career to soaring onto other industries continuously such as commercial, hospitality, corporate and luxury residential; my availability is national.
Yep, I push myself to the limits, 100% of the time.
R&R has been a low priority because I am always willing to be available for God to help me to the next step, family to understand, my dogs to love me unconditionally, clients to be kind, friends to not have jealousy or judge, and trade professionals to be honest.
A few years back, I designed for a few doctors. I started to pay closer attention to their holistic and eastern medicine practice. My TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) client led me into looking inwards of what I ate, drank, how I slept.
But really, I wasn’t as healthy as I needed to be. My refrigerator is always stocked like a whole foods garden but sadly I wasn’t home long enough to always enjoy it.
My life dances to the time sensitivity of emerging schedule changes and hot issues while keeping a handful of emotions at bay…until I’m alone driving back from the chaos, although I live for the rush, I felt extremely exhausted.
I never thought I would be doing so much damage to my life, career and family by spreading myself so thin and excluding all the ‘me’ time I deserved for my hard work.
I felt so selfish if I took a break, a breath, slept for more than a few hours, the list goes on.
I still thought about the holistic doctors’ teachings; yet, I wasn’t practicing what I learned.
I was taught that whatever I put into my body is what I could give out.
Well, I put knowledge in… I put time (for others), I learned about health, cruelty free products, vegan cooking, vegetarian substitutes, clean eating, alkaline water machines, essential oils and gave all this to my other half, child and dogs, friends, clients, trade professionals
… So that’s good right?
My physical, mental, and emotional decline was overwhelming. I went to healing ministry at my church over time to strengthen my faith but I still needed more; health wise.
Recently, I started speaking to a beautiful person Wendy, she mentored me about resetting my business self and adding the CBD oils to my daily routine, this small (big) change gave me more time for everyone else in my life and now this includes me.
Night and Day results and still going!
I feel more Sharp! I sleep! I scaled off anxiety moments, I have clear and organized thinking instead of the emergency calendars reeling through my every thought simultaneously while functioning. I listen to my loved ones without work pulling me in various directions (Except when a pressing work issue is a priority) but there is a balance allowance now.
How could I have let myself go this far?
I have the education, knowledge, and the experience to create the dreams and needs of my client’s work and lifestyle environments. I care about my trade professionals lives and if they are healthy enough to do the project, I care if my clients are ok, happy, sad, understand or need anything. I am the person in the family preaching to my family members and friends the importance of wellness through long conversations and documentation to live and breathe health and fitness; even the dogs eat fine dining.
I forgot a very important part. ME. This adjustment has made the difference in my life and I am glad I have.
Now, like I only know how to do is start a alternative business that I can use to balance a hard core corporation with the softness of a self love business addition.
WHAT! she started another business, Yes! because I am doing this to share the greatest gift to give that I can use in the wellness department of my existing business.
We design several private luxury residential gyms/spa rooms and corporate professional businesses add health and healing rooms to de-stress employees; so my new addition to business ‘Renewed Wellness CBD’ with ‘Renewed Wellness EO’ go to work with me.
The new subsidiary business will be reporting under the current state of Florida business with respect to state, county, city and national law.
So please, Take care of yourself. If you do that well, You will be able to take care of others; full circle.
Kimberly Marie xo

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What is CBD?

CBD is one of more than 80 cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. Plants high in THC and low in CBD are referred to as marijuana and can cause the user to get “high”. Plants low in THC and high in CBD have no intoxicating side effects and is referred to as hemp. Hemp is legal in all 50 states and more than 40 countries worldwide. Hemp like its cousin marijuana has medicinal properties but unlike marijuana users do not have to visit a doctor to be placed on a registry. CBD is available for purchase legally under the 2014 Farm Bill.

Why Choose CBD BioCare?

CBD BioCare is privately owned and operated in the United States and all product is grown and distributed domestically. The CBD marketplace is not regulated and can be very confusing for a consumer. CBD BioCare prides itself in transparency.

  • Organically grown hemp at federally registered facility.
  • Non toxic, pesticide free and 3rd party tested for quality.
  • Oil is full spectrum CBD.
  • Whole plant extracted CBD oil.
  • Ingredients clearly stated and explained on the website.
  • Manufacturer is both GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and PETA approved.

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