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As a Doctor of Oriental Medicine, I treat the “whole person” instead of strictly focusing on the symptoms.  Too often today, people are becoming increasingly frustrated with their healthcare, or lack thereof.  The mainstream medical system is not designed to care for the individual but rather has been developed in order to maintain disease state.  The conventional medical culture in this country is promoted as such that most individuals believe prescription drugs and surgery are the best and most effective course of action in the fight against illness and disease.

Doctors of Oriental Medicine examine the person as a whole, the past and present, health history, stress, diet, sleep patterns, lifestyle, and so on.  These data sets coupled with our comprehensive medical intake, examination, and diagnosis techniques, allow us to gain true insight into what is occurring within the body and mind. Our comprehensive approach resonates deeply with CBD BioCare’s “Full-Spectrum” CBD Oil.  When diagnosing and treating a patient, the outcome is always better when you find the root cause of symptoms, develop a treatment plan, and then treat the whole person rather than simply isolating and focusing on the symptoms.  Likewise, CBD Bio Care understands that utilizing the synergy of the whole plant has a far superior therapeutic effect than simply using an isolated compound to treat a disorder.

The use of isolated active ingredient has, time and again, been proven to cause short and long term side effects, some of them debilitating.  Resulting side effect are due to the fact that the stabilizing compounds that resulted in the biological synergy of the organism were stripped away, leaving a potent and volatile substance devoid of its stabilizing matrix.  This common trend in pharmaceutical technology and product development is one of the reasons why so many people are suffering debilitating side effects from common prescriptions used to treat everything from headaches to life threatening illnesses, such as Parkinson’s disease.  Contemporary American culture has taught us that drugs and surgery are the answer to our health related needs.  Reality has proven that this is not the case and there is no shortage of scientific documentation that proves the contrary.

As a former US Marine and Intelligence Officer of 13 years, I was highly skeptical of anything non-conventional when it came to alternative/complementary healthcare.  I am a disabled Marine and for me, the biggest problem was that conventional medicine was completely ineffective.  In addition to not finding any relief or improvement in my conditions, I found that my quality of life, both mental and physical, was deteriorating rapidly.

2010 marked the turning point in my thinking as this was the year I very nearly died of systemic organ failure caused by a severely compromised GI system.  In 2013, my physical and psychological anguish was such that I quit my job as an Intelligence Subject Matter Expert and dove head first into Oriental Medicine as a new career in the hopes that I would not only find personal relief, but that I would be able to apply my skills to help others like me.  By the end of 2016, I had graduated with a Master’s of Science in Oriental Medicine, and was fully prepared to start my career in helping those with chronic debilitating disease and in constant pain.

My constant search for more answers to common ailments didn’t stop with graduation.  I am chronically inquisitive and will be conducting research into and learning from other medical modalities until the day I pass.  After years of research into complimentary methods of healthcare I was led to Full Spectrum CBD Oil.  As a skeptic, I wasn’t sure how a plant with no THC would be effective in combating pain, anxiety, depression, and many other disorders.  However, when I received my first shipment, I tried a couple drops of the weakest strain (250mg vial) and while the pain didn’t change initially, my mood improved and that chronic, deep ache in my epigastric/hypochondriac area melted away within 20 minutes.  I felt incredibly relaxed.  After taking 2 more drops 5 hours later, I noticed a significant reduction in pain levels throughout my body.  I live with a pain level of 7-9 out of 10 (10 being the worst), and all of a sudden, my pain was reduced to a 4-5.  Keep in mind that this is the weakest concentration of CBD oils available through CBD BioCare and everyone reacts to these products differently.

My wife is a Clinical Pharmacist with the VA.  Lately, she has been experiencing some chronic pain episodes in her lower abdomen and neck, and her stress levels are off the charts.  After trying 2 drops of the 250mg CBD Oil, she stated that she felt more relaxed than she has in recent memory and her pains had subsided significantly.

Knowing the effectiveness of this product, we feel confident that others will benefit greatly from it and hope to reach a wider audience, including the suffering veteran communities and even active duty military members who only have narcotics and other drugs as a recourse for pain and suffering.

Medicine used to be about doing no harm and truly caring for all your patients, not simply treating the symptoms and calling it a day.

At Restore and Balance Wellness, we are committed to helping you meet all of your health related needs.  We care about you and will dedicate ourselves to helping you find the balance you need to lead the healthy, happy life you’ve been longing for.

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What is CBD?

CBD is one of more than 80 cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. Plants high in THC and low in CBD are referred to as marijuana and can cause the user to get “high”. Plants low in THC and high in CBD have no intoxicating side effects and is referred to as hemp. Hemp is legal in all 50 states and more than 40 countries worldwide. Hemp like its cousin marijuana has medicinal properties but unlike marijuana users do not have to visit a doctor to be placed on a registry. CBD is available for purchase legally under the 2014 Farm Bill.

Why Choose CBD BioCare?

CBD BioCare is privately owned and operated in the United States and all product is grown and distributed domestically. The CBD marketplace is not regulated and can be very confusing for a consumer. CBD BioCare prides itself in transparency.

  • Organically grown hemp at federally registered facility.
  • Non toxic, pesticide free and 3rd party tested for quality.
  • Oil is full spectrum CBD.
  • Whole plant extracted CBD oil.
  • Ingredients clearly stated and explained on the website.
  • Manufacturer is both GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and PETA approved.

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