What is a Sales Representative?

At CBD BioCare our mission is simple, multiply ourselves to spread the message about the medicinal powers of hemp. As a sales representative with our company you will be joining that mission field and profiting from your efforts. Now, more than ever before people are looking for natural alternatives to traditional medicine and medicinal hemp is offering people amazing success with no harmful side effects. If you are looking to be part of this amazing journey, the time is now.

Join our mission

There is nothing more rewarding than introducing someone to a product that can possibly help them naturally. Many people who begin using our products become so passionate with their own success, that they want to start their own CBD BioCare business. Some people join our mission as a hobby and others create a full-time business. The choice is yours.

What our sales program offers:

  • Manage your own sales with a comprehensive and simple dashboard to track and monitor your business.
  • Control your own schedule and earning potential.
  • Receive sales training and marketing materials.
  • Carry no sales inventory to hold or deliver.
  • The opportunity to earn referral fees.
  • Receive commissions. Learn how
  • Associate with people who share your passion to educate about CBD.

Exciting Opportunity

How exciting that we are part of a marketplace with products that are not already in every store and on every retail website. CBD products are just now making an appearance and you have the opportunity to be one of the first on the sales stage. In fact, Forbes Magazine estimates the CBD industry will grow to 2.1 billion dollars by 2020, that’s up 700% from 2016.

When you offer our CBD BioCare products, you can feel confident that you are offering the best CBD products available. We are committed to not just marketing a product to make a buck, we are committed to offering products that our customers fall in love. We are here for the long-term and we will do whatever it takes to earn customers and keep them.

We are not just selling CBD, we are building a CBD BioCare community, changing lives one bottle at a time.

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