How to become a wholesaler for CBD BioCare

Becoming a CBD BioCare Wholesaler

CBD products are the most sought after supplements in the marketplace. By offering these products you can attract new customers as well as educate your current customers or patients about what makes a good CBD product. Not all CBD is created equally. We third party test from plant to product, put QR labels on our bottles that link to the COA's on our website and we are available to answer questions M-F. With the market being flooded with new CBD companies everyday, it is important to know what to look for before you buy.

To qualify as a wholesale partner you only need to purchase 10 units of your choice. Please register as a customer and then notify us via email or by phone and we will send you wholesale pricing. Once you have decided the number of units you would like to purchase we will move you into the corresponding wholesale pricing group. Our process is so simple, once you are set up you can go online and order whenever it is convenient for you. Please watch our quick wholesale video to learn what else we offer.

Benefits of our wholesale program:

  • Discounted Pricing
  • Free Customized Landing Page
  • Free Sales Dashboard to track online sales.
  • Free Digital Marketing Materials
  • Purchase Printed Marketing Materials at cost
  • Free education videos.
  • Customer support for you and your customers
  • Download Our Catalog