CBD needs people sharing its benefits

CBD direct sales is the way to spread the word about the benefits of CBD. When CBD BioCare was created, we knew that we needed people to spread the message about CBD.  Because as you know, for now CBD requires some explanation. I was like most people and had never heard of CBD. When I found out it was an extract from cannabis I certainly wasn’t interested. That’s right, I was not always sold on this plant. However, my opinion changed after I began my research. I soon learned that CBD was changing lives and that was a mission field that I could certainly be passionate about. I watched video after video about how CBD was helping people with debilitating diseases suddenly have a quality life. For example, it helped one little girl reduce the number of seizures she suffered each week from 300 to maybe 10. That is still too many but she now is able to help control her disease thanks to CBD. I watched one man place CBD drops under his tongue and in minutes his Parkinson’s tremors ceased. I was so impressed I placed two of the videos on our website.  After watching these and many more my viewpoint on medical marijuana and CBD was forever changed.

This is why CBD Needs You!

We believe there are so many people that could improve their quality of life with CBD. This is not because we say so, but because we have interviewed doctors, read countless articles and watched dozens of videos. We have also talked to many people who can testify to its benefits. We are not doctors, we are just everyday people who fell in love with the power of an extract from a misunderstood plant. We are fueled by the fact that so many people do not know its power. We need people like you to help us spread the message. If you want to learn more check out our direct sales page about what it means to  become an affiliate.

If you are passionate about helping to educate people about CBD then sign up as an affiliate and join our team.



Cannabis and Memory-What’s the Connection?

Cannabis and Memory: What's the Connection? Cannabis has been around for a very long time. There is documented evidence of cannabis being used as a medicinal herb across different cultures. It's interesting to note that cannabis has found a special place in ‘The Ebers...

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Professional athletes can now say yes to CBD

Professional athletes can now say yes to CBD Good news for professional athletes, they can now say yes to CBD. The Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) has officially removed cannabidiol (CBD) from their list of prohibited substances for 2018. The WADA, which was created by the...

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CBD Dispensary Ripoff?

I want to tell you about a common story regarding a CBD dispensary ripoff but first let me give you some back information. In Florida, medical marijuana dispensaries are popping up in every city, at least in Tampa Bay. You cannot just walk in off the...

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CBD and Veterans with PTSD

CBD and Veterans with PTSD CBD and veterans with PTSD, or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is currently being studied due to its calming effects on the mind and body. Many people who deal with stress and anxiety are turning to this natural...

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CBD and hot flashes

CBD and Hot Flashes We are receiving reports from middle aged women using our CBD oil who are reporting that CBD is helping with their hot flashes. Okay I am very familiar with this topic because, let's just say I can relate. When these women...

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CBD Buyer Beware

CBD Buyer Beware because not all CBD is Equal As one of the founders of CBD BioCare, I am immersed in speaking about the benefits of full spectrum CBD daily. When we started building this company we quickly realized what a crazy environment it...

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The “Mother” of all Cannabinoids

In honor of Mother's Day I was thinking about my favorite plant extract, CBD. It is truly the mother of all cannabinoids. Just like many of the women and mom's in our lives, this molecule works tirelessly, always giving 100% and often receives little recognition for...

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