The Best Pure Natural CBD Oil for Joint Pain

Where to Get The Best Pure Natural CBD Oil for Joint Pain

Joint pain is a common problem that most people will experience in their lifetime. 

According to the CDC, about 15 million American adults report experiencing severe joint pains related to arthritis. 

Luckily, recent research studies suggest that pure natural CBD oil may help in providing relief.

Joint pain can be very frustrating if a permanent relief is not found. It often lowers the quality of life for those affected, making them lose workdays, making it unable to exercise, stay in shape, and sometimes limiting their movements.

Treating chronic pain with over the counter drugs can lead to other undesirable side effects such as dependence and addiction, hence the need for natural treatments. 

In this article, we look at joint pains, their causes, how pure natural CBD can help, and what is the best CBD oil for joint pain.

Man with knee pain. is cbd oil good for joint pain? what is the best cbd oil for joint pain? Does cbd oil help with joint pain? How to take cbd oil for pain

CBD Oil for Joint Pain

Joint pain refers to the aches, soreness, and discomfort that you may experience anywhere your bones meet. 

Joints are what allow your body to move, like the knees, shoulders, elbows, hips, knuckles, etc.

Joint pain is a widespread complaint that doesn’t usually require you to visit a hospital. However, sometimes it may be a symptom of an underlying condition such as arthritis or an injury. 

If the joint pain is caused by an injury or an illness, you should seek medical attention.

Arthritis is the major cause of joint pain. According to the CDC, an estimated 22.7% of US adults (about 54.4 million) are annually diagnosed with some form of arthritis, lupus, gout, rheumatoid arthritis, or fibromyalgia. 

This number is expected to grow to 78 million US adults by 2040.

About one in four of those affected by arthritis (15 million) report severe joint pains, while half of the adults with arthritis report having persistent pain lasting for three months or more. 

Joint pain can also be caused by other conditions such as bursitis, rickets, osteoporosis, sarcoidosis, cancer, tendinitis, infectious diseases such as mumps and influenza, bone or joint infection, injury, or overuse of a joint.

Can pure natural CBD oil help?

Doctor treating patient with wrist and joint pain. cbd oil for joint pain. is cbd oil good for joint pain? How to use cbd oil for joint pain?

Does CBD Oil Help with Pain?

Anecdotal evidence and research studies suggest that it may. 

People with joint pains may benefit from CBD’s anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. 

By interacting with the endocannabinoid system (ECS), CBD seems to reduce pain both directly and indirectly.

The ECS is a system responsible for maintaining balance in our bodies. 

It helps in regulating essential processes such as appetite, memory, metabolism, communication between cells, pain and inflammation response, and more. It has two types of cannabinoid receptors, CB1 and CB2.

Cannabinoids such as CBD and THC attach themselves to those receptors to cause their effects. CBD interacts with the CB2 receptors affecting how cells respond to the signals they receive. This way, it can help reduce pain and inflammation.

CBD may also delay the reuptake and degradation of neurotransmitters such as anandamide, increasing the amount in the bloodstream, thereby suppressing pain perception. Anandamide is associated with happiness and feelings of wellbeing.

CBD may help reduce inflammation and provide relief for joint pain without causing significant side effects. It also offers other benefits, such as reducing acne when you use CBD lotions for pain.

Studies on the effects of CBD on pain suggests its potential for the treatment of joint pain.

A review of research published in 2008 suggested that cannabinoids, including CBD, could be useful in the management of difficult to treat pain. 

Another 2017 study found that CBD reduced joint pains and prevented the development of nerve damage in arthritic joints in rats. 

A 2016 analysis of human trials on cannabinoids for chronic pain associated with rheumatic diseases found there were improvements in pain and that cannabinoids were generally well tolerated. 

However, more clinical studies are required.

Doctor consulting with patient about cbd for joint pain. buy CBD oil for pain online.

How to Use CBD Oil for Joint Pain

There are several methods to deliver pure natural CBD oil to the bloodstream. Here are some of the factors you should consider to maximize the effectiveness of CBD when using it for pain.

  • What are your goals? – CBD has many health and wellness benefits. From improving insomnia, reducing weight, pain, inflammation, or for elevating mood. Knowing precisely what you want the CBD to do helps in gauging its effectiveness. 

You also have to consider the location of the pain. You may use CBD capsules, oils and other ingestibles for pain if it occurs deeper in the joints, or you can use CBD creams if the pain occurs not too deep in the skin. Many people report success  taking an ingestible and applying a topical.

Woman rubbing leg with ankle pain in joints. is cbd oil good for joint pain? what is the best cbd oil for joint pain? Does cbd oil help with joint pain? How to take cbd oil for pain

  • The level of pain you are experiencing – The level of joint pain determines the delivery method and the dosage. Higher levels of pain may require a higher CBD dosage. 
Dropper full of CBD hemp oil for pain.

  • How fast you want relief - Different consumption methods deliver effects at varying speeds. Some will deliver a quick CBD peak, hence faster relief (vape, sublingual), while others will deliver a slower but steadier CBD over a more extended period (oral administration). 
Man on a cell phone. cbd oil for joint pain. is cbd oil good for joint pain? How to use cbd oil for joint pain?

    How to Take CBD Oil for Pain

    Oral administration (swallowing) – CBD oil can be swallowed in its oil form or mixed with food or edibles to make it more palatable. 

    It can also be made into capsules for easier swallowing and dosing. This method delivers CBD consistently over time. 

    However, effects kick in slower than sublingual application. Effects kick in after 30 minutes to 2 hours.

    CBD capsules for pain for sale online.

    Sublingual administration – In this method, you apply a few drops of CBD oil below the tongue, hold it there for 30-60 seconds before swallowing. This method delivers effects within 10 – 20 minutes.

    Adult man drinking coffee. is cbd oil good for joint pain? what is the best cbd oil for joint pain? Does cbd oil help with joint pain? How to take cbd oil for pain

    Topical application – CBD oil can be processed into topical products such as balms, creams, and lotions that you can apply directly to the paining joints.

    Woman rubbing cbd lotion on her wrist for pain relief.

    What is the Best CBD Oil for Joint Pain?

    3500MG Full Spectrum CBD Oil

    This product contains 3500mg of CBD, making it the most potent CBD oil offered by CBDBioCare. It can be used for several reasons, but it is most suitable for helping manage chronic pain. 

    It comes in a 30 ml bottle and two flavors; original and peppermint. They also offer a 5ml sample size bottle.

    Unlike most oils in the market, this CBDBioCare oil is extracted from organically grown US hemp using the industry-standard CO2 extraction. 

    It’s derived from the whole plant, including leaves, flowers, and stalks, to ensure it delivers all the benefits offered by the hemp plant.

    Each batch is then carefully tested for quality and purity before it’s offered for sale. 

    This product contains full-spectrum oil to deliver the ‘entourage effect’ benefits without the intoxicating effects of THC.

    CBDBioCare uses hemp seed oil as the carrier oil; it is considered a superfood, improves absorption, and is high in omega fatty acids. 

    If you choose the flavored option, your oil will contain organic peppermint to mask the taste of the oil.

    Pick this physician grade CBD oil for pain at CBDBioCare for $159.00. This oil is also available in a less potent version.

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    1500MG Full Spectrum CBD Oil

    This oil is suitable for those experiencing lower levels of joint pain. 

    It contains 1500mg of CBD in a 30ml bottle and is available in the two flavors for $129 on the CBDBioCare website.

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    Take Away

    Joint pain can be very frustrating and disabling, especially if it becomes hard to treat. 

    Pain killers, when used over time, may lead to dependence and even addiction. 

    Luckily, research studies investigating the use of CBD oil to manage pain are already showing promising results. 

    More research is still needed to fully understand the role of CBD and other cannabinoids in alleviating pain.

    Some joint pain may be caused by underlying conditions or serious injuries. 

    CBD is not a substitute for your medication, ensure you consult a doctor before starting on CBD oil to manage your pain, especially if you are already on a treatment plan.

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