CBD BioCare Mission Statement

"At CBD BioCare, our mission is to get CBD into the hands of those who need it the most because we know it can change lives, one bottle at a time." Matthew and Stacey Pitts are dedicated to sharing the benefits of Cannabidiol, CBD.

Through much research and through personal experiences, both are convinced that this natural extract can help people in so many aspects of their lives from skincare to health and wellness. Although there is still research that needs to be conducted, there is enough data globally to support the benefits of CBD.

So their mission is twofold. First, the mission is to spread the word about CBD and educate people about its amazing natural benefits. Secondly, it is to provide a platform for others, with a shared passion, to plug into their platform and make money by introducing and sharing CBD with others.


Matthew and Stacey Pitts have been searching for an opportunity for years. But not just any opportunity would suffice. It had to align with their talents but also be something they could believe in, not just for financial gain but for something more significant.

The path to CBD was first planted when Matthew visited an old high school friend who was suffering from cancer. When he arrived, Daryl’s once strong, 5’10, 220 pound frame was now barely 97 pounds. His wife and family were treasuring every day. Matthew learned that the only thing helping to ease Daryl’s pain and also provide him with an appetite for food was an illegal plant, cannabis. That was the last time Matthew saw his friend, but he never forgot how this “illegal” plant helped Daryl and his family during the worst and last moments of his life. Years later, as the fight to legalize marijuana continued, the memory of Daryl remained. The desire for other people to legally benefit from this plant for medicinal purposes was something both Matthew and Stacey supported.

Medicinal Marijuana finally became legal in 2016. Now more people like Daryl could have legal access to the healing properties of cannabis and not fear prosecution. It was also in 2016 when the couple learned about a bi- product of cannabis that was helping people around the world and it was not a drug. It was called CBD and to their surprise it was already legal to ship, not just in their home state of Florida, but in all 50 states. It was legal because it had low to zero THC. That is when CBD BioCare became a reality. Now, the couple could legally support and market a product that had tremendous medicinal properties. They could be on the forefront of creating products that provided amazing natural benefits.

CBD BioCare is dedicated to skincare infused with CBD for its natural anti-aging and medicinal properties. They are also committed to offering more CBD products, such as pet products and much more as the company grows and develops.

Matthew and Stacey Pitts have spent their professional careers gaining experience in sales, marketing, healthcare, finance, leadership and video production. They have mostly worked independently from one another until CBD BioCare brought their strengths and passions together.

Matthew and Stacey have been happily married since 1999 and are committed to God and their families, especially their two children.


One of the most exciting aspects of CBD BioCare is the ability to raise money for a ministry in Nicaragua, called Youth for Christ. This ministry first and foremost is designed to spread the Christian message but it is also dedicated to developing the young person holistically through education, leadership skills and evangelism.

In an effort to support this ministry CBD BioCare will give a minimum of 10% of its profit to support this mission field.

If you would like to join this mission or learn more please visit: Youth For Christ Ministries

“Our hope is that you not only try our products, but that you fall in love with them as we have. Our desire is that they not only provide the results or the relief you are seeking but that you will share your experience with others so more people can learn about the benefits of CBD.” Matthew and Stacey Pitts