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As a health coach, the number one supplement I recommend to my clients is CBD oil. I have seen amazing results both personally and professionally. I was a crossfitter, triathlete, and an involved mother of two active kids. Then in 2013, health struggles invaded and took over my life. I was suddenly exhausted all the time, burdened by muscle pain, brain fog, acne, and insomnia. I spent two years visiting over a dozen doctors and finally found answers: I was diagnosed with thyroid disease, adrenal exhaustion, lyme disease, and mycotoxin illness. But many of the prescription medications doctors gave me only made my symptoms worse. So I tried the holistic medicine route. I experienced some improvement, but none of the supplements restored me to the active lifestyle I used to enjoy.
A friend told me about CBD oil, that it’s natural and utilizes the body’s own ability to heal itself from within. So I added it to my routine. The improvement was incredible. My anxiety lessened, and the inflammation that kept me from exercising disappeared. Now I’m running and lifting weights again. For the first time in half a decade, it feels like I have my old life back.

I can’t help but tell others about how CBD oil has changed my life, and how it could change theirs. The more I learn about CBD, the more I realize that my story is not uncommon. CBD rescues many people from anxiety, pain, depression, inflammation, high blood pressure, and hormone imbalance.

I’m here as an educator and enthusiast of this natural, safe alternative. My hope is that in using CBD, you experience all its benefits like I do.