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Let me be real with you upfront!  I joined CBD BioCare in 2017 because I was looking for a way to make money online working from home and I heard they paid well, and does not fall into your typical online MLM category -Thank God! Been there. Did that a time (or two), and never made squat!

I began my journey with CBD BioCare by building relationships with other Reps & the owners, and took advantage of all the tools this company has to offer.
Although I have always preferred to use natural alternatives vs pharmaceuticals, I was still a bit skeptical about the claims I was reading about the medicinal benefits of Cannabidiol (CBD) sooo.....

I began experimenting with many products this company has to offer. Oils, Topicals, Skin Care, and yes even Pets! Let me tell you, becoming a partner with CBD BioCare is not just about making money online any longer, it has become a very positive life changing experience for me!!  

My mission is to educate people of the benefits of using CBD and help you find solutions that work for YOU!  

Are you ready to be proactive when it comes to your own health & wellness?  

Are you the type of person who finds joy in helping other people improve their quality of life?

It truly is my honor to serve you and look forward to building a life long relationship with you, sharing the same or similar experiences, and getting the word out about CBD and CBD BioCare to others.

God Bless,

Suzette Hershberger