How To Become A CBD Oil Sales Rep For CBDBioCare

Become A CBD Oil Sales Rep For CBDBioCare

You can now get paid for spreading the word about the best CBD products in the market. 

By joining the CBDBioCare team as a sales rep, you earn a commission every time a customer you introduce to the site makes a purchase. 

Here is how to become a CBD oil sales rep:

CBDBioCare is one of the leading CBD companies in the US, producing some of the most sought after supplements in the market. 

In this guide, we look at why you should join the affiliate program, how to start, and how you can benefit.

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Why Become A CBD Oil Sale Rep For CBDBioCare

Apart from our products, there are other reasons why you should join our team. 

1. Earn up to 40% Commissions

Not only can you make a difference in people’s lives by sharing information about your favorite CBD products, but you can also earn the highest commission rates in the market; up to 40% based on cumulative sales volume. 

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    2. Best Marketing and Sales Support

    CBDBioCare provides all the tools needed to ensure that you succeed in referring new customers. 

      All CBD oil sales reps benefit from our unique and easy to use sales and marketing dashboard. 

      You also receive internet marketing materials, printable marketing documents, customizable sales reporting and tracking tools, marketing videos, and images.

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      3. Live Weekly Training

      CBDBioCare also provides you with weekly marketing training to help you reach a wider audience.

      4. Share Products That You Believe In

      CBDBioCare allows you to share what works for you with others. We’re committed to ensuring that we provide only the best products for you and your audience.

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          How To Become A CBD Oil Sales Rep?

          Becoming a CBD oil sales rep is the easiest part. All you need is to visit our Refer Earn page, fill in the required details, read the terms and conditions of the affiliate program, and sign up. 

          You will receive a link in your email to activate your account, after which you can log in to your sales and marketing dashboard. 

          There you will get a personalized link that you can add to your website or emails for your customers to purchase through. You are now ready to share and start earning!

          There is no charge to become a sales rep; however, CBDBioCare offers additional options, such as a personalized landing page with customer coupon code and a CBDBioCare email addresses, business cards and other tools to kickstart your CBD BioCare business at a cost.

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          How CBDBioCare Sales Rep’s Program Works

          After registration, all CBD oil sales reps are given a referral link that they can place on their sites or emails. 

          When a visitor clicks on the link on their site or email, their IP address is logged and a cookie placed on their browser for tracking.

          The visitor browses the site and may order a product or not. 

          If they decide to order, it’s registered as a sale for the sales rep and a commission is earned. CBDBioCare then reviews the sale, and you receive your commission payout.

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          What Is In For You

          The highest commission rates – You benefit from lifetime commissions from sales earned on the platform. Up to 40% cumulatively. 

          Sales are accumulative, so they do not reset each month. According to the commission structure, you earn;

          20% commission for sales between $0-$999

          25% from $1,000

          30% from $5,000

          35% from $15,000, and

          40% from $25,000

          You also receive a 10% commission on all wholesale accounts, and 10% overrides on all non-wholesale sales made by sales reps you refer to CBDBioCare. 

          Payments are made on the 1st and 15th of every month. If those dates fall on the weekend or holiday, payments are made on the next business day. 

          When you earn a commission or have a payout due, you will receive an email from Interchecks with directions on how to receive the payment. 

          The minimum payout is $25.

          To protect you from chargebacks due to our 14-day return policy, your money will be held for 14 days, after which you will be paid. 

          CBD BioCare’s return rate is, however, less than 1%.

          Accountant counting cash.

          Superb layers of protection and sales tracking – CBDBioCare values your work, which is why they have invested in layers of protection to ensure you are credited for every sale that comes from your referral. 

          A visitor doesn’t even have to place the order in the same browsing session, the cookie placed expires after 180 days. Therefore, if the sale occurs during that period, it will still be registered to you.

          When customers register through your link or landing page, all their future orders are tied to you. They do not have to remember your link or coupon code. 

          High conversion rate – CBDBioCare boasts one of the highest conversions rates in the CBD industry. People who you refer are more likely to convert to sales when they land on the website. 

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          How CBD BioCareProducts Give You an Edge

          To earn better returns, you must have a superior product. 

          Quality products make it easier for you to refer your contacts or audience and make actual sales, hence more money in your pocket.

          You already know that not all CBD is created equal, CBDBioCare products give you an edge by being the best. Here is why;

          • Full-Spectrum CBD Oil – CBDBioCare was one of the first companies to offer whole-plant extracts with virtually no THC in the US market. 

          They haveperfected the art of blending cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and other plant compounds to make formulations that offer the maximum hemp benefits. 

          CBD oil drop.

          • Whole plant CO2 Supercritical extraction – CBD BioCare uses the industry-standard extraction method to extract all compounds that produce the fantastic health and wellness benefits associated with the hemp plant. 

          CO2 supercritical extraction process, despite being costly, ensures the compounds maintain their integrity and are safe for use. 

          This way, you can rest assured that the products you’re using and marketing to your audience are safe and of superior quality.

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          • Organically Grown US Hemp – All its CBD products are made from hemp grown in the USA to ensure that they comply with the regulations set by the 2018 Farm Bill and the various departments of agriculture. 

          Your audience will feel more at peace, knowing the products meet all the government requirements. 

          Additionally, no farm chemicals are used in growing CBD BioCare’s hemp. Therefore no residuals can be found in the final products.

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          • Independent 3rd Party Lab Tests – All products are tested from the farm, during processing and the final product. 

          These tests are carried out by independent third-party laboratories to ensure compliance with the 0.3% THC concentration levels. 

          CBD BioCare’s growing partners also test for the presence of farm chemical residuals, heavy metals, and other compounds. 

          You can access these test results by scanning the QR code on the product. 

          Third-party lab test results are proof of quality, safety, and compliance.

          Scientists working in a lab

          • Company Transparency – CBDBioCare provides answers to all questions that you or your audience may have about the products. 

          This gives you confidence when using products or referring customers to them

          Become A CBD Oil Sales Rep In Portland

          CBDBioCare allows you to sign up for this affiliate program from any state in the United States. 

          If you are in Portland, Oregon, all you have to do is register with this link and start earning.

          Become A Rep And Sell CBD Oil In Wisconsin

          CBD oil is legal to use and sell in the state of Wisconsin. 

          You can now earn extra money by becoming a sales rep and introducing customers to CBDBioCare in Wisconsin. Click on this link to register.

          Take Away: How To Become A CBD Oil Sales Rep

          When you find a good product, more often than not, you want to let others know about it so they can benefit too. 

          That is why CBDBioCare is offering you a free platform to spread the word about CBD products and make extra money. 

          CBDBioCare’s affiliate program offers the highest commission rates in the market, but it doesn’t end there. 

          It also offers training, marketing materials, and sales support to ensure your experience runs smoothly.

          You can now make a difference and earn money while doing it.

          Register here and earn money sharing high-quality products from a brand you can trust.