CBD BioCare Representative Car Magnet
CBD BioCare Representative Car Magnet
Car Magnet

Car Magnet

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CBD BioCareCar Car Magnet

We want you to get more mileage out of your marketing! As you drive and even park around town you are marketing your CBD BioCare business.

• Removable & durable
• Fade-resistant, wind-tested magnets
• 0.85 mm with rounded corners
• Designed for metal surfaces only

Note: Follow the care & usage tips below to avoid damaging your vehicle.

Turn driving into advertising with custom car magnets.

Seeking a new way to build awareness about your CBD BioCare business? Outfit your vehicles with a personalized car magnet for quick and effective marketing on the go. Durable, weather-resistant and wind-tunnel-tested, our magnetic signs can get your business name and logo noticed by pedestrians and other drivers – and they can help you make a strong first impression.
Once you make a purchase you will receive a form to complete so we can complete the sign information. Your design will be printed on a magnet 0.85 mm thick, and with its matte finish and fade-resistant UV ink printing, your magnetic signs will be ready to stand out wherever the roads take you.

Instruction Guide

Follow the steps below to ensure your custom car magnet – and your vehicle – are ready to hit the road. This information will help prevent any debris on your vehicle from scratching the paint and damaging the surface. You’ll know your magnet is properly installed when it adheres to and is flat against the vehicle surface, without air bubbles. 
  1. Clean the surface of the vehicle where you plan to place the magnet and let dry.
  2. Clean the backing of the magnet and let dry.
  3. Apply the magnet to a flat, metallic surface without bumps, curves or rust.

Care Guide

  1. Clean the back of your car sign and vehicle surface weekly to protect it against debris build up.
  2. Use a damp cloth and mild detergent to protect the vehicle surface.

Do Note Use:

Follow these guidelines to extend the life of your magnet and protect the surface to which it’s applied.

  1. Remove your magnet before any professional car washes or power washing
  2. Do not use your vehicle magnet in extreme weather conditions 
  3. Failure to do so can result in permanent damage to the vehicle and magnet

Note: Applying any material to a painted surface without following these application, care and usage instructions may result in damage to the surface. The tips above will extend the life of your magnet and protect the surface to which it’s applied.


Failure to review and abide by these warnings could result in damage to the Magnet or your vehicle and could increase the likelihood that the Magnet will not adhere properly and may fall off during use.

Never use a Magnet if it contains any bubbles, wrinkles, bent corners and/or edges or is otherwise damaged.

Never exceed the speed limit or any recommended maximum speed.

Don’t place the Magnet over protrusions, fixtures or concave areas, such as: molding, lights, reflectors, decals, pin stripes, air intakes, wells and spoilers.

Never apply the product to horizontal metal surfaces (such as car roofs) and take care not to place it in direct or constant sunlight or extreme heat.

Don’t layer one Magnet on top of another when applied to vehicles.

Long-term outdoor usage of magnets on painted surfaces may result in fading, due to shielding the underlying color from ultraviolet rays.

The Magnet is not for use under water or on aircraft.

Make sure to remove the Magnet from any vehicle before a car wash.